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Improving Your Odds of a Successful Equity Round

There are certain dynamics to raising capital via equity that you must consider upfront in order to be successful. By getting to know them, you will greatly improve your odds and outcome.

Bored of Directors?

What should be your greatest asset is likely your most underutilized one. Yes, your Board of Directors. Learn how to transform and unleash it in order to create value for your investors, your operating team, and your career.

Two Things That Can't Be Taught

Arrogance and inexperience are charming, even useful, in a poet, but not such much in an entrepreneur. 

Channel Logic vs. Pretzel Logic

More distribution does not necessarily mean more sales. Frequently the opposite is true. Knowing that certain types of channel partners do more damage than good, it is critical that you develop a clear, logical strategy for building your channels and for selecting which channel partners to include. 

Clarity, Priorities, Action

There is too much focus on “making great time” outside of the critical context of the overall outcome being sought. Simply put: frequently failure is not due to a lack of effort, but instead to a lack of focused, cohesive effort.

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Marketig Target


The ability to identify a customer problem that is truly worth solving. The ability to connect in a meaningful way with the type of customers that you seek to serve. And the art of purposeful, relevant storytelling.

Financial Pie Chart


Intelligently garnering and utilizing resources. Focused attention to ongoing business model refinement and cash flow management. And a true appreciation of the value of equity, and the need to reward shareholders.

Operations Venn Chart


Fulfilling on the promises and commitments made through Marketing to all customers. The ability to strengthen these customer relationships through professional, consistent delivery of products, services, and support.