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Failure to Keep Pace

Rather than infrequent, but more elaborate posts, today I simply want to pose a question to you: Is your company growing faster than you are? 

Although there are worse problems to have, this one is avoidable if you think of scalability as also applying to you as an entrepreneur and executive. The time to invest in your own professional development is well before you begin to feel that your growth company is getting ahead of you, which is a polite way of saying out-pacing you. 

Most of the executive coaching clients that come to Threadian do so to ensure that they are thinking about what may be awaiting them “over the next hill” and preparing for it now while there is ample time to do so. I encourage you to do something comparable by building relationships with entrepreneurs and executives that you admire and learn what you can from their success and missteps. 

In other words, make it a priority to invest in yourself early and well in advance of needing it as your goal is to be successful in your current work, to take it as far as you can, and to then build upon this success as you go forward in your career. 

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