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Actively Pursue & Embrace Change

We recently completed an engagement involving the total transformation of a client’s business model. Yes, total.

It is critical for any business leader to learn and adjust along the way, even when the necessary adjustments are highly disruptive.

Easier said then done, which explains why many businesses struggle to make known, necessary changes while they still have time to do so.

Let’s hear from the client:

I have known David since we worked together at Sybase in the early 90s, so I was first in line when I learned that he opened up his consultancy at Threadian.

We engaged for a “full strategic checkup” on my company.

Within the first meeting, he not only clearly understood my business model, but also pointed out its specific vulnerabilities, all of which became an issue for us over the coming months.

As this unfolded, I reengaged with Threadian to undertake a process to address these vulnerabilities, to build upon our strengths, and to create a more viable path forward.

The result? We transformed my channel distribution company into a true product company with its own international channel partners.

I could not be more pleased, and am confident that we are now very well positioned for continued growth and success. So thank you, Threadian.

Ramin Eghbali

CEO & Founder of Orbis Distribution

No business model is without its risk points, and sometimes change may result in little more than swapping out your current set of risks for a new one. That said, you must be willing to learn and adjust.

When you are running a company, despite your considerable knowledge of it on an operational level, being able to “look up at the horizon” and on a strategic level objectively assess your competitiveness is difficult.

A fresh set of experienced eyes that help to pose new questions and provide new perspective can be invaluable. But you must have the confidence and foresight to ask for help when you need it, and to embrace necessary change as the normal course for building a successful company.

All Threadian clients have this confidence and foresight. At the expense of being blunt, do you?

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