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Executive Coaching: Good Fit?

The great Dale Carnegie suggested that “you should not break your arm patting yourself on the back,” but does that mean that insightful feedback on Threadian engagements should be kept under wraps? 

All kidding aside, our Executive Coaching model is simply not for everyone. 

You need to be at a stage in your executive career where you are truly ready for it and committed to taking full advantage of the opportunity it presents. Accordingly, our Executive Coaching model is structured to motivate clients to extract as much value as possible and do so as quickly as possible. 

Once again, it is not for everyone, which is why with some notable frequency I politely decline requests for this type of engagement.

I recently completed an Executive Coaching engagement with the executive team of, a promising young company focused on materially improving outcomes for both patients and health care providers via acute care process guidance. Here are the CEO’s thoughts on the experience:

David is an extraordinary business advisor.  He has a depth of experience and a range of insights from his many years as a business leader and entrepreneur that make him an invaluable sherpa to business owners as they navigate growth challenges.  I particularly enjoy how productive our conversations have been - he has a reflective and collaborative mentoring style that helps you find the focal points that underscore good decisions and solutions.  

David was instrumental in helping our team achieve our funding goals. He took us through a thorough and thoughtful exercise of understanding the realities and requirements of fundraising. Using his own experience and keen insights to illustrate important lessons on what to look and ask for, he provided a “roadmap” to frame and drive the entire process. At various points along the way we huddled to re-evaluate progress and course correct as necessary.  He asked good questions, kept us focused on what mattered, shaped strategies and celebrated the small wins every step of the way.  We were successful in meeting our goals - getting the funds we needed from a great group of investors at the terms and valuation we wanted.

I highly recommend Threadian to any business owner looking to up his game.  David has a great talent for helping leaders learn, grow and find their own ways to succeed through the engagement. We will continue to look to him first for help in our next set of owner challenges.  

James Dias
CEO & Founder

James nicely captures the high quality of executive exchange and peer-to-peer engagement that is the norm for a Threadian Executive Coaching Engagement. He and his team came to the engagement fully prepared and ready to do the work necessary to achieve the outcome that we were all looking for, and as a result, the outcome was achieved…and then some.

In the future, I will be sharing with you feedback from other executives as a means of shedding light on what is possible and can be expected in a Threadian engagement. For now, thank you, James. I appreciate your kind words and look forward to seeing the great things that you and your team at achieve in the coming years.

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