Threadian is born from a desire to give back.

In the midst of a rewarding and entertaining career in Silicon Valley, I was diagnosed with cancer. My first question when confronted with this life-altering event — What next? 

I gave beating this disease its rightful priority, sold my software company, gathered a great medical team around me, formed a smart treatment plan, and got to work. The result? All good.

Both XY Wellness and Threadian are my way of sharing this good result — my way to give back by helping others find better answers to the challenges that confront them. Whereas XY Wellness focuses on health challenges, Threadian focuses on business challenges. Make no mistake about it: both matter greatly in life. 

Why the name Threadian? It is from the myth of Theseus, Ariadne, and The Minotaur.

Theseus was commanded to battle the Minotaur that lived at the center of a labyrinth beneath the island of Crete. Theseus was given a sword and a ball of red thread by the princess Ariadne. He tied one end of the thread to the portico at the entrance and used it to mark his path. Upon reaching the center of the labyrinth, he fought and defeated the Minotaur, and then followed the red thread back to safety.

Our red thread logo suggests what we offer — expertise and experience to guide you on your path. Whatever the business challenge, Threadian will help you determine your best answer to the question — What next?