Value-based Fee Model.

Business models matter and speak volumes. I can think of no greater example of a business model that misaligns the interests of buyer and seller than does a “time and materials” fee model. Beyond its inherent conflict of interest, it disengages value from cost. 

My guarantee on every Threadian engagement is to leave my client in a far better position. It is that simple. My focus is on materially improving your situation by delivering tremendous value.

The value you derive from our work together is unrelated to the number of hours required to deliver it. Instead, the value is determined by the strategic nature of the engagement and by how soon you begin to enjoy its benefits. 

At Threadian, there are three value-based fee models to select from:

  1. Executive Coaching;
  2. Board of Directors Membership; and
  3. Strategic Initiative Engagement.

In all cases, value and cost are aligned. There is no consideration of time or materials. Our focus together is on results. 

Under the Executive Coaching model, you acquire as needed access to discuss, explore, and resolve your most pressing challenges. The monthly fee guarantees that I will rearrange what ever I am doing to focus on your strategic issues when you need it most. We meet whenever and wherever you need it, be it for strategy development, addressing new competitive threats, understanding implementation shortfalls, providing board oversight or general business counsel, or for other executive support services. It is guaranteed access to experience and expertise that knows you and your business well.

Under the Board of Directors Membership model, I will help you to transform your Board into a working Board. Your Board needs to reflect the company that you want to become. And your Board needs to be delivering far more to you than periodic governance and oversight. Your Board should be your greatest asset and trusted resource, one focused on corporate development and business development, and one that is fully engaged in actively building the value of your company for your shareholders. I help to drive this process of transformation for you.

And lastly, under the Strategic Initiative Engagement model, you acquire my focus on a particular critical initiative, be it refining your business model, improving cash flow performance, launching a new product, effectively raising capital, revamping your channel distribution strategy, improving supply chain effectiveness, ratcheting up inventory turnover, expanding into new segments or territories, rebranding your company or products, rethinking your customer service approach, and so on. The key characteristics are a set fee and a focused result. 

Once again, the focus at Threadian is on value. There are no surprises. There is nothing but alignment and focus on you and the results we achieve together.