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Failure to Keep Pace

Is your company growing faster than you are?

What do I look for in a New Venture?

Although the right market-product fit is arguably the first among equals, it is upon the founders and their ability to deliver that my bet is being placed.

The Value of Small Data Mining

The more degrees of separation currently between you and your customers, the more faulty is the basis that you are using to make strategic decisions. 

Actively Pursue & Embrace Change

It is critical for any business leader to learn and adjust along the way, even when the necessary adjustments are highly disruptive.

Executive Coaching: Good Fit?

What should you expect in a Threadian Executive Coaching Engagement? Are you in a place in your career in which you are truly ready to take full advantage of it?

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Marketig Target


The ability to identify a customer problem that is truly worth solving. The ability to connect in a meaningful way with the type of customers that you seek to serve. And the art of purposeful, relevant storytelling.

Financial Pie Chart


Intelligently garnering and utilizing resources. Focused attention to ongoing business model refinement and cash flow management. And a true appreciation of the value of equity, and the need to reward shareholders.

Operations Venn Chart


Fulfilling on the promises and commitments made through Marketing to all customers. The ability to strengthen these customer relationships through professional, consistent delivery of products, services, and support.